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SODAQ ExpLoRer with RN2903 LoRaWAN™ module 1.0.1ver beta Australian firmware.

This device only works with AU spec gateways within the Australian ISM band 915-928MHz.

For developers only. Not for commercial deployment.


Always check and comply with the applicable local radio regulations. Please note that your actual EIRP is dependent on the end-device configuration and antenna gain.




This is SODAQ`s brand new ExpLoRer board that we designed for Microchip. Please visit the SODAQ Support page to see the schematics and how to get started with the new ExpLoRer. By clicking here, you will be redirected to the page. 



  • Atmel SAMD21, 32 bits Arm Cortex M0 microcontroller
  • Microchip RN2903 LoRa module
  • Microchip RN4871 Bluetooth 4.2 module (BLE) with ceramic antenna
  • Atmel ATECC508A1 crypto chip to securely store your LoRa keys.
  • Atmel SST25PF040C serial flash chip (4Mbit)
  • MCP 73831 Charge controller and on-board rechargeable coin cell battery
  • embedded (PCB) LoRa antenna
  • MCP97001 temperature sensor
  • Micro USB Connector