LoRaWAN gateway Micro cell by GeoWAN - now including outdoor antennas accessories and technical support!

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LoRaWAN Gateway outdoor Australian spec (915-928MHz) LoRaWAN™ Gateway

Now the GW package includes:
- GPS antenna and cable
- 5.1 dBi outdoor ISM antenna (1x for 8ch, 2x for 16ch models)
- 1 m low-loss RF cable for ISM antennas
- additional in-line lightning protectors
- 4G antenna (4G models only)
- antenna mounting accessories
- 55 VDC PoE injector with Australian cord
- GeoWAN technical support

For developers only.

It is free to connect to our Network Server any GeoWAN GW model that was purchased from our webshop! Please note that internet connection is necessary between the GW and the GeoWAN NS.
For end-device connectivity, please contact us for our connectivity price list.


IP rating IP67
Transmit Power Up to 0.5 W
Receiver Sensitivity -142 dBm
Antenna Type N-Type connected antenna
Number of Channels 8 or 16 concurrent channels
Operating Voltage 55 VDC 0.6 A (POE adapter supplied)
Operating Temperature -20 ºC to 60 ºC
Dimensions L:230 x W:200 x H:68 mm
Security AES 128
Certification FCC, NCC, RCM


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